How Pandhora was born and why it is called that?

Pandhora for us is a journey, challenging but beautiful, which starts from another friendship, the one with Javier, a disabled Spanish boy we met at the University in Naples. He had come from Valencia and had bravely gone to enjoy the well-known “Erasmus Project”. From that meeting and from that coexistence in a humble Neapolitan student residence, the dream was born: to contribute to the raising of the quality standards of life of the disabled, more specifically to enslave our skills devoted to innovation in order to mitigate the effects of disability. The dream will soon take the form of a limited liability company in the last few months of 2016 and will take the name of the new and innovative science fiction world, Pandhora, represented by James Cameron in the colossal “Avatar”, where essence matters more than materiality, to the point of allowing to Jake Sully, a disabled ex-marine, to live free from the impediments resulting from his condition.

Our Story

Pandhora, born in 2016, deals with the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative devices in the field of Rehabilitation. Share-holding company of ENTOPAN (the largest
business incubator in Southern Italy), CDP Venture Capital, financed by investment companies belonging to the Giomi Group (among the most important in the hospital sector) and Santo Versace, it is involved at the forefront in research projects in the
biomedical and engineering field thanks to its highly specialized team.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to contribute to a future in which technology and humanity harmoniously merge to enhance the health and well-being of all.

The Company has developed an advanced and unique know-how in the field of mechanical design, kinematic simulation and, more generally, in Robotics. Therefore, from this  experience the idea of developing devices for Robotic Rehabilitation was born in order to innovate a sector in a very strong technological rise, which clearly shows a strong need for the implementation of therapeutic performance (maximization of therapy efficacy, reduction of times and improvement of comfort of the patient).

Stefano Troncone


PhD Mechanical Engineer

Fabio Miraglia


Professor of Economics & Medical Innovation

Alexander Troncone


Biomedical Engineer

Research and Development Dept.

Nicodemo Di Pasquale


M.Sc. in Law

Marketing Dept.

Chrystel Troncone


Construction Engineer

Production Dept.

Maurizio Giuseppe Maglione


Biomedical Engineer

Production Dept.

David Lambiase


High School Diploma

Production Dept.

Piera Barra Caracciolo di Basciano


Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) – Visual Designer Specialist

Marketing Dept.

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